John Garrido – What The 45th Ward Needs

So here we are in the 45th Ward with a decision to make. Our long time Alderman is now gone and we have 2 new faces in the bunch. John Garrido and John Arena. You saw many of the responses to the blog post on John Arena so I won’t belabor the obvious. So enter John Garrido. John (Garrido) has a long standing career of public service in the City of Chicago and a vision of the 45th Ward that directly parallels what I believe in. I met with him over the weekend and feel he is true to his word and has the campaign staff to make it happen. He gets it.

So, rather than me go on about why it makes sense to vote for Garrido and not Arena I will turn it over to you nice folks as your opinion really matters on this one and is the foundation for the future of the 45th. Good or bad turnout, it is on your shoulders. For the record, this blog has had close to 5,000 views since the beginning of January which shows you are paying attention so now take the time to leave an opinion.



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16 responses to “John Garrido – What The 45th Ward Needs

  1. John

    I would like to see Mr. Garrido follow Mr. Blair’s ideas for economic development. Blair’s Action Plan is just the type of thing we need to implement and I jope that Garrido embraces it and runs with it with Blair’s help getting it implemented. That way, we will all be successful. Let’s hope two things. Garrido gets elected as alderman and he enlists Blair’s help in turning the Ward around.

  2. MTC

    Everybody says we need to attract businesses to six corners and I agree, but we also need to attract homeowners and renters that are appealing to businesses. Just like businesses, people have a choice in where they live and neighborhoods, wards and towns compete against each other to attract a certain population (i.e. those with disposable incomes). Businesses often choose to locate to a certain location based on a neighborhood’s demographics. So, I’d like to see an economic strategy that incorporates attracting people to the Ward along with one that is focused on bringing in businesses.

    In the ward we have many affordable neighborhoods with good housing stock, relatively low crime and decent schools. There’s a lot of young families now that have outgrown condos in Bucktown and Lincoln Park that they bought 4 years ago but cannot sell because of the housing market. They’re stuck now, but when things begin to turn around they’re going to be looking at neighborhoods like the ones in the 45th. What’s the strategy to attract them here? Developing relationships with realtors and selling them on the positive aspects of the ward is one strategy.

  3. Mike

    I agree with you. We need to attract business but also families to the area. I think though that in order to attract families, we need ammenities which families will be looking for. shopping, restaurants, attractions, outdoor spaces (in addition to Portage Park). The most recent demographics of the area show a median household income of $75K and 65-68% college educated. That should help to attract the types of businesses that we need for the area. Hopefully, Garrido trys to implement Blair’s plan which is the best I have seen to get things moving. I read that Blair is backing Garrido because they are going to work together to get these empty storefronts filled.
    Let’s hope so.

  4. John

    Speaking of Don Blair, I looked at his campaign finance disclosures. Apparently he filed an amended D2 for the beginning of last year that shows that Political Columnist Russ Stewart received political consulting fees from Blair in the first half of last year to the tune of $5,000. Does anyone think it was a coincidence that after Blair won the second debate that Stewart wrote that 45th Ward race article saying just horrible things about Blair? In each article since he has said something negative. The man clearly has no integrity to take someone’s money and when they get fired, say horrible things about them in his column. I have no doubt that those hit pieces hurt Blair’s chances tremendously as alot of people in the Ward read it. Stewart in my opinion is a POS and I have cancelled my subscription to the Nadig as of today.

  5. Mike and MTC, you are both correct. Unfortunately it is a question of timing. Which comes first? People or business. My vote is on business as a good business can attract people from outside of the area hence increasing viability. That will increase interest in the area. The reverse doesn’t work. It’s like the movie “Field of Dreams”. If we build it they will come was the saying. The reverse isn’t quite as appealing to the average citizen. “If I come, they will build it”. Hmmmm??????

  6. John


    I agree we need to get things built first. Let’s just make sure we get Garrido elected so hopefully that will happen! The reverse would make sure that it never happens.

  7. MTC

    In light of the teachers’ situation in Wisconsin, I’d like to call out all brothers and sisters that work for the common good. We choose to serve. If you want to try to cripple the unions, fine, go ahead and try, but I don’t want to see the Koch brother’s making money off it.

  8. Hmmm, this is kind of funny. I was speaking with some of the folks at Garrido’s office and the topic of ‘phantom’ phone calls (robo calls) came up. Apparently, someone is running a robo campaign claiming to be Garrido that is doing a hard sell and kind of a turn off (purposely) message. I was told that they are running no (zero, zip, nada) robo call campaigns and that it is just someone trying to discredit John and Team Garrido. Hmm, I wonder who would be behind that?

    Anyway, it sounds like things are going very well with the campaign and the place was teaming with activity like hand addressed mailers being sent out, a ton of new signs; although they feel the sign war is a dead issue; etc . . . 6 people busy as snot and John wasn’t even there to help bolster the population as he was out meeting people in the Ward with his campaign manager and others.

    In my travels I also stopped by a restaurant in the Arena area and was told by the owners that most everyone that comes in to the restaurant is backing Garrido. Good news all around.

  9. For MTC’s interest in another movie event at Portage. Please keep this in the Ward as far as spreading the word. Apparently, it got out of control the last time as people were coming from everywhere.

    From the Garrido office desk . . .

    I mentioned that we’re hosting another movie event at The Portage on March 19th. It will, in fact, be the Sing A Long Grease Movie, which was a big hit when it played at the AMC 21 downtown last year! We’ll make sure to hold some tickets for your friends in the *** precinct.

  10. I understand that there was a Garrido “Meet and Greet” in Arena’s neighborhood last night. Apparently, the turnout was excellent and many people that were on the fence are now backing Garrido after getting a chance to meet him and hear his story and vision for the Ward including John Arena Blighted PPNA Corner (er, Six Corners). I wouldn’t be surprised if Garrido beats Arena in Arena’s precinct given how close it was in the last election. Given the numbers that Russ Stewart reported it wouldn’t be a surprise at all.

  11. MTC

    I was at the meet and greet event on Berteau Friday night and came away impressed with Garrido. I was probably one of those people on the fence, but Garrido now has my vote. At the event, Garrido gave the group a five minute introduction before taking questions. In those five minutes he addressed all my concerns. He is not a Scott Walker Republican and on issues where his views are just to the right of mine, I’m not concerned he has an agenda to push them as an Alderman. The Areana/SEIU parking meter allegations were quickly dispelled.

    Garrido’s an honest guy running an honest campaign. He’s got leadership experience and he’s an exceptional listener. His campaign team is family and friends, which I really like, because he’s not taking marching orders from anyone. He understands his marching orders will come from the residents. I trust the guy.

    I’m not sure what the Arena/SEIU ticket is all about and it scares me. Either he’s a creep for these smear mailings or he’s being pushed aside by his running mates. I don’t want either one in charge of my ward.

    • MTC, good to hear that the event went well. How many people were in attendance? I noticed a bunch of new Garrido signs in that neighborhood when I drove through on Sunday afternoon. Was that a result of the event?

  12. Bachelors Degree from Lewis University Law Degree from John Marshall Law School. You would be surprised to know that I once went by the nickname Cinnabon John before joining the Chicago Police Department. Nobody could roll out a dozen cinnamon rolls faster and maintain the quality demanded by the company than I thus the nick-name Cinnabon-John.


    Garrido Campaign Announces It Is Considering 45th Ward Recount

    Chicago, IL – April 7, 2011 — Following one of the tightest races in Chicago electoral history, 45th Ward aldermanic candidate John Garrido announced today that he is reviewing his options including a possible recount.

    “The close results and strong show of support for my campaign in a traditional Democratic stronghold clearly demonstrate that people want change and that I represented that change. I will never stop fighting to improve my neighborhood, my community and my city.”

    Just 29 votes separated the candidates in the runoff election on Tuesday, April 5th. Absentee and provisional ballots will be opened on Friday, April 8th at 9 am at the Chicago Board of Elections.

    Candidates must file a request for a recount within 5 days of the election date.

    “With a mere 29 ballots separating me from my opponent and over 47 absentee and
    provisional ballots outstanding, it is premature for my opponent to claim victory,” said Garrido.

    Garrido launched his campaign for 45th ward alderman in fall of 2010, winning the municipal election primary with over 32% of the vote on February 22nd.

  14. 45th WARD RECOUNT – John is considering calling for a recount given the extremely thin margin of only 29 votes. For this he will need to hire an election which will require $20,000. Given the amount of Garrido support on this blog and the fact that it would only take $50 from 400 people to garner the money needed for the attorney. He has already raised several thousand dollars from a post on his Facebook page and apparently people are now showing up at his office to donate. I personally am donating a couple of hundred as I really don’t want the SEIU as our next Alderman and want the real deal of Mr. Garrido in that seat. You can donate at

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