March 2013 – State Of The 45th Ward

Well folks, it has been 2 years since the election and I am curious as to how you see the performance of Arena as Alderman. I haven’t seen any great strides at all. Just a politician looking to build their war chest which is evident with all of the PAID fundraisers that he does. Too busy doing that and painting murals to do things like spending the over $600,000 in menu money on the infrastructure in the 45th. I could go on but would love to hear your opinion.



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3 responses to “March 2013 – State Of The 45th Ward

  1. Hey, I didnt vote for him

    OK, I was reading the local paper and Arena ( or his chief of staff) wants to lift the rush hour parking ban on Milwaukee so the passer thru’s can stop and spend a few bucks at six corners. Maybe because I am not an alderman I can fathom this BUT creating more travel time thru six corners would probably p*ss me off even more making me less apt to stop, and stop for what, alot of empty store fronts. Or wait, maybe I’ll stop at that gang hangout next to the Portage and get a clip.

  2. Anyone But Arena

    He & his toadies tout an art museum & theater company on the 4000 block of Milwaukee. Both non-profits that collect no city amusment tax. Hence no revenue generated.

  3. H.A.D. Enuff

    2 years in and the current state 4000 block of North Milwaukee Avenue is testament to Arena’s “stewardship” of the 45th Ward.

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