John Arena, the SEIU and what he has cost the 45th!

A little late in the game but I must say I am hugely amused by the amount of recycling material showing up in the mailbox paid for and sponsored by the SEIU in Arena’s behalf. I think I received 5 today mostly touting how he helped this business or that business in getting started. I’m sorry but I don’t get it. as I really haven’t seen much of a change in the Ward other than some incremental stuff at Six Corners and word has it that even though 80 new businesses opened in the Ward all the while 200 more left. If my math is correct then this is a regression, no?

More importantly, why is the SEIU so hell bent on getting Arena reelected? Last I checked they had pumped $120,000 in to support for Arena and who know how much since then. What is the Quid Pro Quo going on here that we aren’t aware of? Further, it appears that the Democrats For Education Reform are no fan of his nor is Rahm who probably will get reelected like it or not. Now granted Arena touts that many other Unions are backing him but it doesn’t appear to be in a monetary fashion which is quite telling. Then again, we have been dubbed as the most corrupt City in the nation and rightfully so, sheeple!

The bottom line is that I hope that the citizens of the 45th Ward actually do some homework and not just vote for the person that paced the most amount of “Crap” in their mailboxes.

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2 responses to “John Arena, the SEIU and what he has cost the 45th!

  1. sick of it

    Fooled again. The Tribune endorsed Arena. By no means was it a glowing endorsement, but an endorsement any way. Besides liquor stores, message parlors and other bound to fail businesses (just like Arenas) I see no improvement in our ward. Question to everyone, if your alderman hates the mayor, and everything he stands for, how will the 45th improve?

  2. sick of it

    Page 9 Sunday’s Chicago tribune reaffirms who you are really voting for when it comes to Arena.. $280,000 dollars of hard earned UNION money spent on him. so, who are we really voting for, a so called progressive or union puppet?

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