About Concerned 45th Citizen

I have been a resident of the 45th Ward for pushing 20 years. I have seen some good, solid progress and I have seen much regression which in itself is a shame. The 45th Ward is a phenomenal place to live and has the potential to not only “be like” Lincoln Square, Edison Park and others but rather become an example of what an area of Chicago that prospers should be made of.

This is my attempt at getting the word out there and need your help spreading the word.


6 responses to “About Concerned 45th Citizen

  1. arpee

    I’m concerned, too!

  2. ShoeGoo

    This blog needs some fresh entries by the owner. Start a few new topics!

    The election is way over and it’s time to move forward. Create some new topics.

    On the community fun/pleasure side, we’ve recently had two separate farmer’s markets, Six Corners BBQ is coming up, pools will be open this week, school will be letting out…….

    On the very recent developments side, there’s the new printing plant bringing more jobs to NW Hwy and the 45th. There’s on going dialogue about two affordable Senior Housing projects in the Ward. There’s new businesses soon to open……

  3. shoegoo

    Quick question. The above says:
    “I have seen much regression which in itself is a shame. ”

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while now after reading this and I had to post and ask.

    We’ve been around the Dickinson/Six Corners area since 1979.

    Can you please specifically describe what you mean by “much regression” in the 45th Ward.


  4. shoegoo

    Anyone home?

  5. shoegoo

    I met with Josh who runs the radio station at Six Corners:


    I mentioned there’s a Concerned Citizen blog about the 45th. He said he’d love to give regular airtime to the person who owns this blog. You could have a regular slot for local community programing.

  6. A lost opportunity in the summer of ’11. Good to know that Slam is still there, nearly 2 years later.

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