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John Garrido – What The 45th Ward Needs

So here we are in the 45th Ward with a decision to make. Our long time Alderman is now gone and we have 2 new faces in the bunch. John Garrido and John Arena. You saw many of the responses to the blog post on John Arena so I won’t belabor the obvious. So enter John Garrido. John (Garrido) has a long standing career of public service in the City of Chicago and a vision of the 45th Ward that directly parallels what I believe in. I met with him over the weekend and feel he is true to his word and has the campaign staff to make it happen. He gets it.

So, rather than me go on about why it makes sense to vote for Garrido and not Arena I will turn it over to you nice folks as your opinion really matters on this one and is the foundation for the future of the 45th. Good or bad turnout, it is on your shoulders. For the record, this blog has had close to 5,000 views since the beginning of January which shows you are paying attention so now take the time to leave an opinion.



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